Lambda Delta Psi | University of Houston - Beta Chapter

Lambda Delta Psi at the University of Houston is an Asian-interest sorority. We are a sisterhood unlike any other. We take pride in building strong and successful women for society, while also creating memories to hold onto for a lifetime. 

"Per amor et pietas, fraternite" | "Through love and devotion, sisterhood."

March Birthdays

April 4: Dorothy "Heiress" Nguyen | FA20

April 5: Lauren "Zip" Cuevo | FA 12

April 10: Suong "Bloom" Nguyen | FA 15

April 12: Tiffany "Tigress" Ly | FA 17

April 14: Ashley "Spoon" Chau | SP 10

April 16: Breanna "Pascal" Banks | SP 20

April 20: Tiffany "Harley Quinn" Hsu | FA 16

April 20: Caela "Deadpool" Intertas | FA 18

April 24: Sophie "Starburst" Hoang | FA 19

April 28: Christine "Ariel" Lim | FA 18

April 29: Myky "Bubbles" Quach | FA 12

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Congratulations to our beautiful Spring '18 sister, Jessica "Pbubs" Tran on crossing her 8 amazing girls into our sisterhood! Welcome Chi Class!



#161 Jennifer "Baby Bowser" Bui

#162 Abby "Goku" Chi

#163 Dorothy "Heiress" Nguyen

#164 Emmy "My Melody" Nguyen

#165 McKayla "Sunflower" Nguyen

#166 Megan "Equinox" Nguyen

#167 Julie "Kachow" Pham

#168 Jillian "Redemption" Tran

Upcoming Events

SP '21 Philanthropy Week:

Monday, April 12:

LOTTERY RAFFLE via Instagram

Tuesday, April 13:

LOTTERY RAFFLE via Instagram

Chipotle (5-9pm)

3819 Richmond Ave

Wednesday, April 14:

LOTTERY RAFFLE via Instagram

Thursday, April 15:

LOTTERY RAFFLE via Instagram

Diced Poke (11am-8pm)

917 Winbern St

Friday, April 16:

Guest Speaker from SEARCH (7:30pm)