Lambda Delta Psi | University of Houston - Beta Chapter

Lambda Delta Psi at the University of Houston is an Asian-interest sorority. We are a sisterhood unlike any other. We take pride in building strong and successful women for society, while also creating memories to hold onto for a lifetime. 

"Per amor et pietas, fraternite" | "Through love and devotion, sisterhood."

May Birthdays

May 7: Taylor "Elsa" Luu | SP 16

May 9: Angela "Joy" Nguyen | SP 18

May 16: Gabby "Raven" Alvarez | SP 17

May 19: Janie "S'mores" Nguyen | FA 17

May 29: Lori "Gwen Stacy" Nguyen | FA 17

May 30: Kimberly "Giggles" Nguyen | SP 12

May 31: Tiffany "Daisy" Nguyen | FA 13

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Congratulations to our beautiful Fall '18 sister, Josalyn "Jigglypuff" Ho on crossing her 8 amazing girls into our sisterhood! Welcome Psi Class!



#169 Cathia “Stella” Amagsila
#170 Yvonne “Everbloom” Le
#171 Pauleen “Mosaic” Nagpacan
#172 Helen “Celestia” Nguyen
#173 Jessica “Flicker” Nguyen
#174 Grace “Fluttershy” Pham
#175 Shelby “Flora” Pham
#176 Tracy “Money” Ta

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