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"Per amor et pietas fraternite"

Through Love and Devotion, Sisterhood.

Welcome to the Beta Chapter of Lambda Delta Psi at the University of Houston. We are an Asian-interest sorority and a sisterhood unlike any other. We take pride in building strong and successful women for society, while also creating memories to hold onto for a lifetime. 

to our September

09.06 Vina "Belle" Le

09.08 Brittany "Wispy" Nguyen

09.13 Thuy "Sunrise" Luong

09.14 Michelle "Drumroll" Tran

09.14 Maggie "Pucca" Chiu

09.17 Josalyn "Jigglypuff" Ho

09.19 Ashley "Mater" Nam

09.21 Lilian "Quarterback" Dinh

09.23 Tiffany "Darth Vader" Ton

09.23 Christina "Indigo" Ho

09.23 McKayla "Sunflower" Nguyen

09.24 Veronica "Sour Patch" Phung

09.24 Angie "Snoopy" Tai

09.27 Janelle "Elastigirl" To

09.27 Sydney "Australia" Tran

09.30 Amanda "Fireball" Lynn

Welcome, Alpha Delta! 

Alpha Delta.png

Congrats to our Fall '20 Chi Class sister, Abby "Goku" Chi, on crossing her 12 kiddos into our sisterhood!

 #205 Lily “Rukia” Dinh
#206 Janie “Aiyu” Hinh
#207 Kristine “Totoro” Khuu
#208 Thao “Fenty” Le
#209 Maddie “Nabi” Lee
#210 Nickie “Aiko” Lee
#211 Ashley “Mater” Nam
#212 Kelly “Kitana” Nguyen
#213 Tailynn “Tipton” Nguyen
#214 Alexis “Artemis” Pham
#215 Angela “Silvermist” Tran
#216 Elisa “Stargirl” Yee

Congratulations to our Spring 2023 Graduates!

SP23 Grads_edited.jpg

#147 Mary "Eden" Nguyen - Fall 2019, Upsilon Class

#149 Hannah "Lofi" Pham - Fall 2019, Upsilon Class

#150 Baohan "Carebear" Phi - Fall 2019, Upsilon Class

#159 Brianna "Impulse" Spillman - Spring 2020, Phi Class

#167 Julie "Kachow" Pham - Fall 2020, Chi Class

#175 Shelby "Flora" Pham - Spring 2021, Psi Class

#176 Tracy "Money" Ta - Spring 2021, Psi Class

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